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Public spaces and health risks

With over 50 years of experience, Quality Environmental, 公司. has built a solid reputation with our partners at state and local municipalities. We have employed a high-tech line of emergency response services to address and resolve a range of major disasters affecting municipalities. Our team of experts has worked closely with police departments, fire departments, city representatives, and disaster teams for removal, 清理, and abatement services.

Public Safety through correct environmental processes

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We can respond to all environmental remediation issues in the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding communities. Whether it is a natural disaster or an environmental hazard caused by human error, our experts will ensure that the area is cleaned and restored for safe use. Our experts are trained in all areas of environmental abatement process and the correct procedures in environmental emergency response.

Quality Environmental, 公司. – Specialists Trained in State and Federal Health Code

Our technicians are thoroughly trained in state and federal health codes, building regulations, and any special requirements associated with natural disaster response. We understand the importance of quick and efficient remediation. Trust in the expertise the strong foundation we have in high-tech environmental services provided by the team of experts at Quality Environmental, 公司. Our deep understanding of California codes makes us a powerful partner for Los Angeles area communities planning on demolitions, 重构, or who have identified toxic substances that pose a risk to employees and visitors.

State-of-the-Art Remediation 服务 for 市

We have worked closely with many Los Angeles area health facilities to restore an area that has been impacted by some type of disaster, or subject to risks caused by human error. When addressing medical materials, the standards used in disinfecting, 处理, and creating a more effective system are all aspects of our professional services. Our team understands the need for a fast resolution, both for the facility reputation and for the health of everyone concerned, from each employee to those getting treatment. Our years of experience in resolving issues associated with biohazards, disinfecting various zones that may have been impacted by a hospital-borne infection.

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Risk Assessment for Municipal Facilities

Many local governments are dealing with aging buildings that require either demolition or updating to fully rid a facility of lead, 石棉, mold, or other toxic substance. We employ the most advanced techniques to perform these services, while ensuring a safe and effective restoration of the area. If your city or town in the Los Angeles area has environmental issues that may pose a risk to human health, our team of specialists can evaluate the affected zones and advise you of the processes necessary to resolve the problem. We are often called upon to perform an initial risk assessment, as well as advise of the necessary procedures to resolve environmental problems that could have a negative impact upon human health.

Environmental Cleanup for Municipal Facilities in Los Angeles County

When renovating a municipal facility, it is imperative that the process is performed correctly and the environmental issues are considered as part of the process. Some of the most common problems faced in renovating a municipal building include:

  • 含铅油漆
  • 多氯联苯
  • Mercury contamination (flooring, fixtures)
  • 石棉
  • Safe disposal of hazardous building materials
  • 模具

At Quality Environmental, 公司., our team of experts can professionally resolve any of these important matters.


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